Letter: Group not suggesting inaction on cat population

Published 8:29 pm Sunday, July 24, 2016

In response to Ms. Rush’s statement about Austin Audubon, we are not suggesting that the city “do nothing” about the feral cat population. We are agreeing with the Austin Police Departments stance to keep the current pet ordinances in place and would like to work with the MCHS to find a solution that benefits both cats and wildlife as was stated in our Letter to the Editor. We applaud the tremendous effort and dedication of the MCHS volunteers and the work they do with spay/neuter clinics and animal adoptions.

The Humane Society of the United States own literature stresses how important it is to keep cats indoors for their own safety and that of native wildlife. They point out that domestic cats are ill equipped to survive well outdoors which has, in part, fueled the interest in cat colonies across the country. But, as Capt. McKichan correctly pointed out, cat colony populations are “never gone” and the sites become a dumping grounds for unwanted animals. Neighbors objections also need to be considered, and not just those who love birds.

Again, we would like to work with MCHS and the city of Austin towards a creative solution to this problem.

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Leslie Meyer,

Austin Audubon