Agencies increasing speeding patrols

Published 7:01 am Sunday, July 17, 2016

QUESTION: Am I right that there are extra patrol cars on the roads during July?

RESPONSE: You are right. Minnesota law enforcement agencies increase speed patrols in July. The cost of a ticket at 10 mph over the limit is typically $125. Our local police department has a Prolaser III traffic laser for speed enforcement that is effective in light and dark, is not affected by dust and is accurate in the poor weather conditions of fog, rain and snow.

Summertime is the deadliest season on our roads and speeding is a leading reason for the tragedies. The bottom line is: drive at safe speeds – avoid an expensive ticket and avoid the dangers.

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Remind the young drivers in your life, especially the young males, that they can easily avoid a ticket: tell them to check their speed, be patient behind the wheel and make safe, smart decisions. The faster they drive, the harder they crash. Faster speeds lead to more violent and deadlier crashes. When we speed, we have greater potential to lose control of our vehicle; it takes longer to stop and we have less time available to avoid a crash. This week, in two days traveling the highways between southern and northern Minnesota, I witnessed four serious crashes, each requiring several police cars and the ambulance; one was a car and motorcycle crash.

During July, police officers will also be looking for aggressive drivers. Police are looking for drivers who tailgate, run lights, change lanes abruptly and are weaving in and out of traffic. If you encounter an aggressive driver, get out of their way and disengage. Stay calm, avoid eye contact and do not challenge them.

The next time you are in the car with your kids, ask them if they know the four things that are likely to save lives while driving a vehicle on Minnesota roads: buckle up, drive sober, pay attention and drive at safe speeds.

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