Hormel’s were remembered

Published 7:01 am Sunday, June 5, 2016

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the passing of George A. Hormel.

Lillian Hormel has also been gone 70 years following her death on March 23, 1946. The couple, married 54 years, were parted just over 70 days, before being joined again. Many heartfelt expressions were written of both George and Lillian to Jay C. Hormel, their only child, following their deaths, and several were printed in the July issue of the “Squeal Magazine.” Reading them reminded me of how beloved the couple was.

“You were indeed fortunate in having such a father and mother and while the loss of both in such a short time is overwhelming, you no doubt have comfort and consolation in the thought you were privileged to have them with you for the full allotted time of human life.”

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“He lived a long and useful life, and I know you would not call him back if you could, now that he has gone to join your mother.  Nevertheless, the parting brings keen sorrow to you, and all who knew him.”

“I feel that one of the outstanding facts in your father’s life was his keen understanding of the problems of the rank and file of the people.”

“I knew him for many years and was proud of his friendship and respected him for his sterling character, combined with a personal charm that was an inspiration for all that was good.”

“Certainly, his character and integrity has given your fine company a rich and enduring foundation.”

George’s secretary, Martha McCoy, wanted him to be remembered for the way he served others.  “Most of all I would like to mention his charities, which were many, and his compassion for those less fortunate than himself.  While he possessed a marked determination and strength of will, he also had a tenderness and an interest in humanity that was most unusual.”

Words used to describe Mrs. Hormel include hospitable, encouraging, devoted, musical, kind and understanding.

These two certainly inspired and influenced a wide variety of people and left their mark on family and friends.  Their impact is kept alive at the Hormel Historic Home where we are touched by their lives every day.

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