Published 10:27 am Thursday, June 9, 2016

Man charged with burglary, assault

A man who broke into a home and assaulted a person has been arrested and charged.

Patrick John Dion, 32, of Austin was charged Monday with two felonies: first-degree burglary-assault of a person in a building or on property and third-degree assault for causing substantial bodily harm.

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At about 5:41 p.m. on June 2, officers responded to the emergency room of Mayo Clinic Health System in Austin for an assault report.

The victim suffered a swollen purple eye, facial swelling, a one-inch laceration to his left cheek, several bumps or abrasions on his forehead and facial area and a small cut to the top of his left arm.

His upper teeth on the left side of his jaw had been pushed back out of place, according to court records.

One of the victim’s roommates said he heard a loud knock at the door. According to court documents, the roommate told Dion, and another man, they were not invited into the house.

Dion, however, entered and yelled for the victim to come outside and talk with him.

The victim came downstairs, but wasn’t able to see Dion because of a sheet hanging over the entry to the stairs.

He was immediately sucker punched by Dion. The roommate heard the victim fall and saw Dion kicking the victim, who tried to protect himself and said he was “seeing stars.” The victim asked Dion why he was doing this and to stop.

The victim later admitted that he and Dion knew each other, but weren’t friends.

Court records said the other man with Dion wasn’t part of the assault.

A second roommate of the victim identified Dion as “Pat,” who she only met once before.

The victim believed Dion was upset because Dion’s girlfriend was hanging out at the victim’s residence the previous night and thought Dion was angry because he heard the victim was accusing him of cheating on his girlfriend with the victim’s girlfriend.

Dion then told the victim if his girlfriend was lying, he would apologize for what he had done.

Later, at 6:45 p.m., officers contacted a subject outside Dion’s residence on an unrelated matter and notified other officers Dion was present.

Officers spoke with Dion, the other man and Dion’s girlfriend who all denied involvement in the incident.

Dion initially said they were at his residence and went to the dog park, but couldn’t provide times.

Dion’s girlfriend said she arrived at his house about 4:30 p.m. and they had been together ever since. After going to Cheer’s Liquor, she said they just cruised around and listened to music.

She confirmed being at the victim’s residence the previous night and said Dion was upset she was there because he wanted to hang out and she was late.

Dion’s next court appearance is scheduled for June 16.