Man accused of smoking marijuana in YMCA

Published 10:12 am Friday, May 13, 2016

A man was reported to police after he allegedly smoked marijuana in a bathroom of the YMCA on Tuesday.

Daniel Martin Gilles, 35, of Austin is charged with felony fifth-degree drug possession and two petty misdemeanors of possessing a small amount of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

At about 7:32 p.m., officers received a report of a man smoking marijuana in the YMCA bathroom. Officers found Gilles in the parking lot. They also saw large bulky objects in both of his jacket pockets.

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Gilles denied he had weapons. During a pat search, he told officers he had a marijuana grinder on him and knives in some of his pockets. He was then placed in handcuffs and searched for other contraband, which revealed three marijuana pipes, three containers — one wooden, one plastic and one metal — that held marijuana, a plastic bag that held marijuana, two Adderall pills, four folding knives and five Naproxen pills.

Gilles told officers the amphetamine (Adderall) belonged to his ex-wife. Gilles was transported to Mower County Jail.

His next court appearance is scheduled for May 26.