Capturing the beauty of the world

Published 8:38 am Sunday, May 15, 2016

Adam Pulchinski

Marketing Coordinator Austin Area Commission For the Arts

Some of the best art in the world isn’t made by humans. Instead it’s created by nature itself.

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We marvel at sunsets, enjoy cool breezes through trees, and listen to the soothing sounds of water in a babbling brook or crashing waves. Not to mention the animals that occupy the globe with lines, shapes and colors that seem to come out of the best of imaginations.

Human beings might not be able to create nature, but we have always tried to capture it in one way or another. Whether it’s wildlife photography or landscape acrylics, people have tried to interpret nature through their own eyes and abilities.

We have our fair share of those types of people in Austin and the surrounding area, and some of their work will be on display at the ArtWorks Center later this month.

The center is teaming up with the Cedar River Watershed District for a gallery show from May 20 to July 9, which will feature the Cedar River Watershed through paintings, photography and drawings.

The goal of the event is to raise awareness and appreciation for the Cedar River State Water Trail and local streams in a fun way.

Gallery participation only requires the piece shows water at a specific location in Minnesota’s Cedar River Watershed. Otherwise, the sky (and the rivers and lakes and creeks) are the limit. It doesn’t matter if the person is an amateur or professional.

As our friend Tim Ruzek tells it, the gallery showing is the result of a perfect storm. He just happens to be the water plan and outreach coordinator for Mower Soil and Water Conservation District as part of the Cedar River Watershed District. It’s a long way of saying he pretty much knows his stuff.

Tim has been collecting historical and presentday images of the Cedar River and its tributaries for several years. The CRWD has worked with former Austin nature photographer Nate Howard, and Tim heard tell of local artists and photographers who have done their own work as well. And Tim and a bunch of other folks seem to like the Austin ArtWorks Center. So a collaboration seemed like a nobrainer.

It might seem weird to enjoy the outdoors by bringing them inside, but maybe if you ask real nice Tim will take you kayaking. You’ll have to stop by the show to know all the good spots.