Board approves integration funding

Published 10:02 am Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Austin Public Schools Integration fund was approved Monday, which funds programs like AVID and Project E3.

The Austin Public Schools Board approved $718,840 for the 2017 budget for Achievement and Integration Revenue during its Monday meeting in the City Council Chambers.

This budget funds programs such as AVID, Project E3, young scholars and professional development, success coaches and more.

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“These funds go to support the integration goals, improving educational outcomes for all students regardless of race and socioeconomic background, and also providing opportunities for inter-district student interaction between students in Austin and our partner districts of Albert Lea, Southland, Hayfield, and Lyle,” she said.

Austin Public Schools staff member Kristi Beckman requested the school board approve $670,895 in initial revenue expenditures, and $47,945 in incentive revenue expenditures for the budget.

“That money is 70 percent state revenue and 30 percent local levy,” Beckman said during the meeting.

AVID is an elective focusing on students who land just below advanced placement level classes with the hopes to challenge them and get them into those classes.

Project E3 is a conservation focused Science Technology Engineering Mathematics, or STEM, enrichment program for students in grades fourth-through-sixth who have shown the potential for high performance with more enrichment and acceleration through in-depth and complex curriculum and instruction. Ninety students meet on eight Saturdays throughout the school year and 20 days during the summer.