35-year-old gets probation for outburst

Published 10:25 am Friday, February 26, 2016

An Austin man was sentenced to five years probation for an outburst in which he damaged property while intoxicated.



Eric Hayes, 35, was convicted of felony first-degree criminal damage to property and second-degree DWI, a gross misdemeanor, on Thursday. He will serve 13 months if he violates the terms of his probation. He’ll also serve 80 hours of community service and be subject to electronic home monitoring for alcohol.

According to a court complaint, Hayes brought a 1997 Buick Park Avenue back to its owners at the 1000 block of Sixth Avenue Northeast at about 1:36 a.m. on Aug. 5, 2015.

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The victims told police Hayes had been drinking and borrowed the car to drive to Fairmont, where they thought he would buy methamphetamine. The victims had called Hayes to tell him they would report the car stolen if he didn’t return it.

That’s when Hayes allegedly “went nuts,” according to the victims. Hayes allegedly grew angry over the car and repeatedly smashed it into nearby cars and part of the house itself, according to the court complaint.

When police arrived, Hayes allegedly started to shout, take off his shirt and run toward officers. Hayes refused to listen to police commands, according to the court complaint, and was eventually shocked with a stun gun before he was arrested.

Two of the three vehicles Hayes hit were totaled and he also hit the gas main on the side of the victims’ house. Austin firefighters and Austin Utilities workers were called to the scene to replace the gas main and keep the area safe.

He was also charged with felony first-degree criminal damage to property, value reduced over $1,000, but he was not convicted of that charge.