Letter: A poem for the holiday

Published 12:20 pm Thursday, December 24, 2015

‘He Gives and Gives and Gives’

By Ms. Reta Draayer of Albert Lea, formerly of Austin

When I reflect on all the gifts bestowed upon me, I am overwhelmed by them all. Oh what grace to have our Father’s hand to reach down to lift us up … when down we fall!

A husband who I never tire of, sharing my life, knowing His heart, proud to be his wife.

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To have friends that never cease to amaze me, and to think, we will share eternity.

My home, my shelter from the winds, the rains and the snow, our sunsets, the colors, what a miraculous light show.

How could I so often, even ask for more? Yet it seems I do from the one I adore!

My thanks can never be enough, through the trials be them easy or tough.

Like the waterfalls, I can hear His voice, yet He gives and gives and gives Oh this baby Jesus is so alive for He lives, He lives, He lives.