Mondays with the Mortician: Be mindful of family dynamics while coping with grief

Published 9:17 am Monday, November 9, 2015

Eric Weerts

We have all heard the adage “you can pick your friends, but not your family.”

Families vary in many ways, even when it comes to death and grieving. Family dynamics are heightened during challenging times, such as the loss of a loved one. A death can bring families closer than ever before but it can also cause a greater rift in an already divided family. The solution to this problem is learning how to properly cope with death, while being aware of how each individual interacts with others while mourning.

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With heightened emotions, making funeral arrangements is a difficult task for any family. Individuals present anger and bereavement several different ways. Lashing out at other family members or keeping the feelings “bottled up” can be seen within the same family. Getting through the funeral process is possible.

During visitations and funeral services it is important to keep in mind that this process will only last a few days. If your family doesn’t get along well, keep things cordial and brief. Try to keep your surroundings and the occasion in perspective. Remember that the other person is grieving to the best of their ability too.