Swimming: Packers fall to Rochester Mayo

Published 11:39 pm Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Austin girls swimming and diving team lost 99-79 at Rochester Mayo Thursday.

The Packers weren’t able to finish first in any events.


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200-medley relay: Emma Kleis, Katelyn Hillson, Sarah Hillson, Abby Gogolewski (third, 1:53.92); Elora Hughes, Akari Maruta, Abby Schammel, Olivia Leuer (fifth, 1:54.04)

200-freestyle: Kristina Thorson (second, 2:14.33); Shanna Kelly (fourth, 2:15.37); Summer White (fifth, 2:16.29)

200-individual medley: Zoe Dolan Peterson (third, 2:37.66); Akari Maruta (fifth, 2:47.45); Molly Sheehan (sixth, 2:54.75)

50-freestyle: Emma Kleis (third, 26.62); Abby Gogolewski (fifth, 26.64); Hannah Burkhart (sixth, 27.79)

Diving: Samantha Sheldon (second, 176.20); Berghyn Hull (fourth, 156.95); Jori Johnson (fifth, 154.40)

100-butterfly: Katelyn Hillson (third, 1:06.41); Shannan Kelly (fifth, 1:12.47); Abby Schammel (sixth, 1:12.49)

100-freestyle: Abby Gogolewksi (second, 59.48); Hannah Burkhart (fifth, 1:02.17); Summer White (sixth, 1:02.90)

500-freestyle: Kristina Thorson (third, 6:06.09); Molly Garry (fifth, 6:28.61); Abby Schammel (sixth, 6:30.72)

200-freestyle relay: Emma Kleis, Hannah Burkhart, Katelyn Hillson, Abby Gogolewski (second, 1:47.49); Olivia Leuer, Shannan Kelly, Summer White, Kristina Thorson (fourth, 1:54.37)

100-backstroke: Emma Kleis (fourth, 1:13.85); Elora Hughes (fifth, 1:14.38); Olivia Leuer (sixth, 1:17.88)

100-breaststroke: Zoe Dolan Peterson (fourth, 1:23.50); Akari Matura (fifth, 1:24.96); Sarah Hillson (sixth, 1:27.05)

400-freestyle relay: Shannan Kelly, Katelyn Hillson, Summer White, Kristina Thorson (third, 4:09.07); Sierra Leichtnam, Molly Garry, Abby Schammel, Zoe Dolan Peterson (fifth, 4:22.42)