Four AHS students expelled

Published 10:46 am Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Four students were expelled from Austin Public Schools Tuesday after an investigation that lasted several weeks.

School Board Chairwoman Angie Goetz confirmed school board members voted to expel four students during a meeting Tuesday following the investigation. However, the circumstances that led to the expulsions were discussed in a closed session.

“It’s something that our district doesn’t take lightly,” Goetz said. “It’s a pretty rare occurrence that students are expelled, so you can bet that it’s something pretty serious if students are expelled.”

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On Sept. 28, there was a large fight at Austin High School that led to about 11 arrests — of both adults and minors — and included dozens of people brawling in the street outside the high school and repeated acts of violence, while onlookers took video and encouraged the participants to fight, according to court documents.

Goetz could not confirm the expulsions were related to the fight.