Burglar convicted for stealing from vacant farm

Published 10:04 am Friday, October 30, 2015

One of two men was convicted of a felony Thursday after attempting to steal several items from a vacant farm in August.

Roy Buck, 26, took a plea agreement Oct. 8, pleading guilty to one count of felony third-degree burglary, while one count of felony second-degree burglary and one count misdemeanor theft were dismissed.

On Aug. 24, at about 9:20 a.m., deputies from the Mower County Sheriff’s Office responded to a vacant farm at the 50000th block of 235th Street in Red Rock Township to a report of unknown trespassers with an SUV and trailer, according to the court complaint.

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Two deputies confronted Buck and another man, Geronimo Deluna Jr, loading what appeared to be an old furnace onto the trailer. Buck told the deputies that “a friend” had asked them to remove the furnace and water heater from the house for $30. Buck was on probation at the time. The two men were arrested, and deputies later found out the farm property was owned by the city of Austin.

The SUV contained numerous hand tools and long sections of wiring that appeared to have been taken from the house, according to the complaint. Deputies also found several tools used to remove the furnace, a flashlight, a set of wire cutters, a screwdriver and a crowbar on the kitchen counter near an electrical plate that had wires pulled out.

A neighbor told the officers they noticed the SUV and trailer leave the farm site at about 8:30 p.m. the previous evening and thought it was suspicious but reported it after the SUV and trailer were back the next morning.

Buck was transported to the Minnesota Correctional Facility in St. Cloud, where he will serve 21 months, getting credit for 66 days time already served. He must also pay restitution to the city of Austin.