Letter: ‘Thank you’ to volunteers at Humanity build site

Published 7:01 am Sunday, August 9, 2015

Vision 2020 wishes to thank the team of youth volunteers organized by Austin High School student Alec Estrada to work on the Freeborn Mower Habitat for Humanity home build site in July.

These area youth spent hours turning a weed-filled area into a graded yard with trees, landscaping and grass seed planted.

Thank you to Keenan Shultz, Matt Anderson, Ashley Harrington, Simon Johnson, Cole Navoa, Ben Walker, Carter Oster, Koman Olayi, Alice Aguirre, Rosa Ruiz, Maria R. Hernandez, Maria M. Hernandez, David Garcia, Lizzette Salazar, Omar Velazquez, Laura Ramirez, Guadalupe Perez, Jimma Kenyi, Carlos Hernandez, Irving Morales, Nicole Donoso, Valerie Navarro, Gema Josefina, Tamiella Gunsallus and Elliee Dyke. Some of these volunteers are part of the Riverland Community College Be Your Best program.

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All these young people chose to spend their time serving others in their community, showing that Austin’s tradition of service and generosity is going strong into the next generation.

If you know one of these young people, please thank them for their work. They are part of what is making Austin a better place to live, work and play.


Laura Helle

Vision 2020, Austin