Society news: July 26

Published 6:55 pm Saturday, July 25, 2015

Duplicate Bridge

Tournament results for July 15, five tables played: First place, Dave Ring and Orrion Roisen; second place: Bud Higgins and Loren Cleland; third place, Eunice Michaelis and Warren Behrends; fourth place: Larry Crowe and Jim Fisher.

Duplicate Bridge is played each Wednesday at noon at the Mower County Senior Center in Austin. All Bridge players are welcome. Call Dave Ring at 507-434-4189.

 The Brownsdale Study Club

The Brownsdale Study Club met at the home of the Fern Paschke on July 15.

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The collect of our club was read and roll call was answered by team members telling a joke.

The June minutes and treasurers report were accepted. Our old business was to plan on Aug. 6 to attend the program at the Jay C. Hormel Nature Center and have lunch.

For new business LaVonne Skov will entertain on Aug. 19 and election of officers will be held. Happy birthday was sung for Shelley Vogel.

Beryl Sprung had the outside reading on Barber Poles and the Minnesota Company in St. Paul that still makes them. Bob Marvey started in 1950 making electric barber poles. His three sons are in business with him. He first opened his business in 1936 selling 125 pound cast iron poles.

Keeping track of every pole number, 75,000 built in 1997, turns at the Smithsonian National Museium. With 14 workers and his three sons: Scott, Dan and Brad, they still sell about 500 barber poles each year.

Shelley Vogel had the main topic an the “Writer of our Collect.” It was written in Longmont, Colorado in 1904 as Mary Stewart prepared to begin her first job at the local high school. The first women’s organization to hear or use the collect was the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. It was at this time she became associated with the General Federation. She served as Dean of Women at the University of Montana for eight years. In 1924 she worked for the U.S. government as assistant director of the U.S. employment service and Department of Labor. Mary Stewart died in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1943.