May Kiwanis Student of the Month: Chanda Ounkong

Published 9:44 am Friday, June 5, 2015

Academic Achievements: The start of my second semester of senior year I was lucky enough to test out of special education that I have been in for 12 years. That has to be one of my top achievements I could ever do in my life. This year I took a mentorship class at the high school, and I wanted to do advertising. My teacher, Mr. Troy Watkins, put me with Nathan Smit from Hormel.



Activities: I have been playing tennis all throughout high school. I enjoy playing tennis with all of the girls and learning a lot from my coach, Mr. Levon Larson. I also have been in choir all throughout high school. I have been in concert choir for two years, and I love the experiences that we have had. From singing to MMEA, Austin Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Hall and Big 9, I can tell you I love it. Mr. Brian Johnson has taught me a lot of stuff in choir and I can’t thank him enough for giving us choir students this experience. Also I joined Choralaires, which is a group of 30 girls and we sing and dance. We had a spring show with the Austinaires, this was my first time doing something like this and I loved it. At my work place, I helped make a Hunger Games theme donation for the Ronald McDonald House. We have done the Hunger Games for two years and we had lots of donations for food, toys and other needs that the RMH needed.

Potential College Plans: I am going to Rochester Community and Technical College to get my business management degree and then transfer to either Winona State University-Rochester or University of Minnesota-Rochester to continue my schooling. I plan to be in advertising, but plans can change once I step foot into college. You never know, maybe I’ll change my mind and want to be a photographer. No matter what I choose, I know I should be successful in either one, but my heart is set right now in advertising, and I can’t wait to see what the business world has to offer for me.

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A person who has had a positive impact in your academic or school life: My brothers have made a huge impact in my life. They help me with my school work if needed, and they always check in on me from time to time and make sure everything is okay with me. They always try their best to make it to my important events, like my last choir concert they showed up to support me. They helped me decide what I could do in college and some plans on how to pay for books and classes. They always supported me on whatever I wanted to do in life, even if they are just a little bit silly. Next year I get to live with my brothers again in Rochester and they will also help me with my schooling there too. I can’t say thank you enough to both of my brothers Kito and Kimy, thank you for always being there for me.

Plans for the future: I plan to do my two years at RCTC and then transfer to either WSUR or UMR, my mind has not picked which one to go to. As of right now I would love to go into advertising and learn more about it. I want to say thank you to Nathan Smit for teaching me things I never knew in marketing or advertising, and thank you for taking me to the sales and BBDO trips. I plan to study more about business along the road and see where life takes me from there. I can’t thank enough people in my life that have made a huge impact for me. It’s crazy how the time flies by all of us.