Letter: Theft targeted heart, not wallet

Published 9:06 am Tuesday, May 12, 2015

To whomever broke into our storage unit in Austin the week of May 4th, I’m sure by now you’ve discovered that those items you chose to steal from us aren’t worth a lot of money. The vintage Barbie dolls I was saving for my granddaughter, my grandmother’s hand-sewn patchwork quilt, and that little yellow handmade jewelry chest didn’t really have much street value.

I’d really like to know why you chose our storage unit to break into when we had it for only one week and contained barely a dozen bins or boxes? Were you watching us place our items into the storage unit and expecting a gold mine? Sorry to disappoint you.

You chose well if you were targeting my heart, but not so much if you were expecting a huge payday.

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Pat Garbisch,

Albert Lea