Go out and find something to do

Published 7:01 am Sunday, May 10, 2015

There is an unfortunate refrain that I’ve grown up hearing: “There’s nothing to do around here.”

And yes, I’ve been guilty of repeating it myself (especially in high school). My mother would, and still does, usually come back with, “Bored people are boring.” Or some version of, “You want something to do, go find something to do.” However irritating these telling-offs might have been at the time, I would (eventually) find something to do. Deep (really deep) in the rational part of my brain, I realized that like it or not, mom has a point. And in order to have something to do, you need to find it first.

It turns out you don’t need to look very far — 300 North Main Street, in fact. (Yes, that just led to a plug.)

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The Austin ArtWorks Center is getting ready to host another season of classes this summer, and with 26 unique titles in 12 different mediums, it’s easy to learn and experience art like never before from instructors whose passion is both contagious and palpable. S

Some classes are back by popular demand — Bradley Mariska’s “Classical Music for Dummies,” which received rave reviews from participants this spring, is slated to return in June. Most, however, will be brand new, and include projects such as stained glass suncatchers, windchimes, jewelry, and baby sweaters. Saturday morning kids’ studios (clay makes a regular appearance) as well as morning and evening open studios on Fridays will also continue through the summer.

As much as it might pain you and I to admit it, in this case Mom was right — there is always something to do. We just have to find it.

Find your something at austinareaarts.org/create beginning Tuesday, May 19. Sign up at the ArtWorks Center or online.