City construction projects start in May

Published 10:08 am Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The city of Austin will begin its construction season starting May 4.

Workers have a full schedule of projects this time around, from wrapping up work on the North Main Flood Control Project near the Cedar River to street reconstruction projects in various places around Austin.

Public Works Director Steven Lang said construction workers will also put the final layer of asphalt on 2014 street projects, which includes Eighth Street Southwest from 12th to 20th Streets and the Kaufman Park area in southeast Austin.

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The city’s construction season wraps up in November.

Meanwhile, the Mower County Board of Commissioners approved several bridge, street and trail projects during a public meeting Tuesday. Those projects include replacing bridges near Grand Meadow, Racine and Pleasant Valley Townships, street reconstruction near Sergeant, Pleasant Valley and Lyle Townships and paving trails near Windom Township.

The following city projects are scheduled this summer and fall:

—Eighth Avenue and Eight Street Northeast, May-August

—16th Street and 19th Avenue Southwest, June-August

—The South Crane addition east of the Hormel plant near Eighth Street Northeast, July-October

—Third Avenue Northeast reopening between North Main and First Streets, August-September.

—Rydjor Bike Alley west of Main Street, August-September.

—Turtle Creek 1 neighborhood sewer and water system installations, May-July

—Southwest Austin trail segments, September-October.

The following county projects are scheduled this summer and fall:

—Bridge construction at 280th Street in Grand Meadow Township.

—Bridge construction at 760th Avenue less than a mile south of the northern Mower County border in Racine Township.

—Bridge construction at 720th Avenue in Pleasant Valley Township.

—Reconditioning, paving and shoulder work on 310th Street between 640th Avenue and CSAH 10, Sergeant and Pleasant Valley Townships.

—Reconditioning, paving and shoulder work at 110th Street between Highways 105 and 218, Lyle Township.

—Reconditioning, paving and shoulder work at 570th Avenue between County Road 57 and the county line, Sergeant Township.

—Trail paving and pedestrian bridge work in Rose Creek City Park, Windom Township.

—Pedestrian trail from Rose Creek City Park to County Road 52, Windom Township.