Austin man charged with check forgery; Allegedly stole mail, cashed checks at gas stations

Published 10:16 am Friday, April 17, 2015

An Austin man allegedly cashed several checks he stole out of a mailbox at area gas stations over the past few months.

Chad Bruce Sabanish, 41, has been charged with three counts of check forgery after several victims went to the police in March. One woman reported two checks she sent in the mail worth $105 had been cashed at Austin Kwik Trip locations, while another man reported a $5 check he sent in the mail had been cashed at a Kwik Trip for $65.

Police worked with Kwik Trip staff to identify Sabanish and his car. One employee also recalled Sabanish got agitated, grabbed a check from her and left the store after she questioned him about cashing the check.

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Sabanish was arrested at his home and later told police he noticed a blue mailbox near the Austin Post Office overfilled with mail one Sunday evening in February. He allegedly grabbed a handful of mail and drove home, where he found five checks and threw the rest of the mail away. Sabanish then allegedly scrubbed and changed information on the checks, worth about $350 total, before he tried to cash them at area Kwik Trips.