Springtime for hit RPGs (in the US)

Published 8:09 am Sunday, March 15, 2015

Role-playing games are making a big impact in the market over the next few months.

Developers are releasing a host of great games from now through June and many classic franchises look to appeal to gamers once more.

Here’s a list of some of the RPGs to be released this spring:

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 “Final Fantasy Type-0”

Rated M, XB1, PS4: March 17

Square Enix’s re-release of a popular, if darker, Playstation Portable game that was originally released in Japan in 2011. It’s a little grim compared to other “Final Fantasy” games, but that should appeal to older gamers.


Rated M, PS4: March 24

This is one of the most anticipated games of 2015, and for good reason. Developers From Software, the masterminds behind the difficult “Dark Souls” games, are bringing that series’ game engine to a new, more gothic universe. It looks hardcore, most likely because it will be a hardcore experience for players.

 “Dark Souls II:

Scholar of the First Sin”

Rated T, 360, PS3, PS4, XB1: April 7

Speaking of hardcore and “Dark Souls,” From Software will follow up an anticipated release just two weeks later with the definitive version of “Dark Souls II,” widely considered one of the best RPGs to come out in recent years. With all of the game’s DLC, this should be a must-buy for avid RPG fans.

 “Xenoblade Chronicles 3D”

Rated T, New 3DS: April 10

Once again, here’s another must-buy for RPG fans. “Xenoblade Chronicles” was one of several games American fans begged Nintendo to release stateside several years ago, and copies of the original Nintendo Wii game quickly sold out. This rerelease guarantees hundreds of hours of quests and immersive gameplay.

 “The Witcher III: Wild Hunt”

Rated M: PC, XB1, PS4

The third in a trilogy of wildly successful games based on a Polish book series, “The Witcher III” will likely surprise many new gamers and longtime fans. There’s witches, demons, intricate plots, and an open-world play style many Western RPG fans will enjoy.

 “The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited”

Rated M: PS4, XB1: June 9

The online successor to “Skyrim” is making its way to consoles after more than a year on PC. If you liked “Skyrim,” odds are you’re going to love “The Elder Scrolls Online.”