Fraternity to announce steps against racial intolerance

Published 10:36 am Wednesday, March 18, 2015

CHICAGO — A fraternity under scrutiny because of a racist chant caught on video plans to announce an extensive review of its chapters around the country.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity said it will unveil Wednesday what it calls a “national plan to combat racial intolerance.” The Evanston, Illinois-based organization is holding a news conference in Chicago to announce its plans to eliminate insensitivity among its members.

The fraternity is responding to a video that surfaced last week. It showed University of Oklahoma fraternity members engaging in a racist chant that referenced lynching and indicated that black students never would be admitted to that university’s chapter.

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SAE has disbanded the local chapter for the video. The university has expelled two students and banned SAE. Two students identified in the video have apologized publicly.