Taser, saws used to free entangled deer

Published 10:24 am Wednesday, February 11, 2015

SHOREWOOD — Police used a stun gun to free a deer whose antlers were entangled with another in Hennepin County.

South Lake Minnetonka police were called to some woods in Shorewood Sunday where two bucks were locked together. One was dead. The other was thrashed about as it tried to free itself.

Officer Ricky Syhre says the bucks may have been locked together for hours. Police decided to use a Taser on the struggling buck. Once the deer was down, reciprocating saws were used to cut off one of the buck’s antlers, freeing it from the dead deer. The buck bolted away after it recovered from the effects of the stun gun.

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Police posted their work on YouTube at http://bit.ly/1E0erXk.