Council to continue pondering its 2015 goals

Published 10:26 am Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Austin City Council isn’t ready to finalize its goals for 2015 just yet.

At its Monday meeting, council members decided to put more thought into what it hopes to accomplish this year, fearing some of the issues discussed weren’t feasible or were too broad for the council to accomplish.

One previously discussed idea was to make people in the community feel safer. However, council members questioned if that was too broad a goal for the council, and they felt similarly about an idea to create an indoor playground for families.

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Council members also discussed joining Vision 2020 groups, but were unsure how or if they should to go about that.

Council members and city leaders plan to redefine their goals. They plan to email their thoughts to Craig Clark and make a list of things to look at for 2015, which they will look at the during the next board meeting.