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Celebrate Austin’s awesome teams

One of the things my girls and I love to do is go to sporting events here in Austin. Both my girls are avid about sports, and you can always find me in a gym watching a game or out at the softball diamond in the spring and summer. I spend a lot of time on the road traveling to their events. I try not to miss a game.

Some sports seasons are better than others. We may win more games or lose more than normal. But, every athlete is working hard to get his or her time on the court or out in the field. Coaches are committed to making your athlete the best they can be. Sometimes we don’t give enough credit to the coaches. They take time out of their lives to invest in something they are passionate about. They may sometimes get a small wage, but most of the time they are doing it for the love of the sport. They want each athlete to succeed.

Being an athlete isn’t just about being the best player on the court or playing on the field. Sports also teaches athletes to be leaders, to coach or help others, it will teach you to be a team player and it teaches discipline, responsibility and so much more.

We have some awesome athletes right here in Austin. The past few years the boys basketball team has rocked the court and brought us to state. You can rely on the dance team for an awesome performance and a trip to state. The gymnasts are talented ladies and also go off to state each year, like they did last weekend. We have talented swimmers, wrestlers, cross-country runners, golfers and more.

We have awesome teams right here in town.

I encourage you to go check out a sporting event one day. Watch these kids and coaches show off what they can do. Come out and show the Austin Packers your support and cheer them on. I look forward to many more years of cheering the boys and girls on no matter what sport it is. Hope to see you at a game or two.

Go Packers!