Ankeny is county chair for 2015

Published 10:01 am Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The county board kicked off the new year by setting several fees and voting in Commissioner Mike Ankeny as board chair for 2015.



Commissioner Polly Glynn was voted vice-chair.

The board also set several fees for things like burning permits, liquor licenses and tobacco licenses. Most stayed the same as 2014 levels.

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The board also selected the Austin Daily Herald as its legal newspaper. The Herald is the legal publisher for the city of Austin and Austin Public Schools.

The board selected the LeRoy Independents and Meadow Area News as secondary papers.

Committee appointments:

Finance & Purchasing: Jerry Reinartz and Tim Gabrielson

Personnel: Mike Ankeny and Polly Glynn

Buildings & Grounds: Glynn and Tony Bennett

Solid Waste: Ankeny and Reinartz

Planning: Reinartz and Bennett (alt.)

County Extension: Ankeny and Glynn

Austin Sustainability Task Force: Bennett

City/County Joint Issues: Ankeny and Bennett

Community Health Services: Glynn and Ankeny

County Board of Health: All Commissioners

Court System: Ankeny

EMS Joint Powers Board: Gabrielson

Family Connections: Reinartz and Gabrielson

Historical Society Strategic Planning: Glynn

Interstate Trail Committee: Reinartz and Glynn

JT. PA Board: Gabrielson

Law Library: Bennett

LEC Advisory Committee: Ankeny and Bennett

One Watershed and One Plan Board: Gabrielson

Ordinance Committee: Reinartz and Gabrielson

RC & D: Gabrielson

Regional Housing: Glynn and Bennett

Road & Bridge Committee: All Commissioners

Rural Energy Task Force: Gabrielson

Safety Committee: Glynn

SCHSAC: Human Services Director Lisa Kocer and Reinartz

SE MN Regional Radio Board: Gabrielson and Reinartz

SEMCAC: Bennett

SEMREX Joint Powers Board: Ankeny

Siebel Visitation Center Advisory Board: Bennett

SMART Transit Advisory Committee: Ankeny

SWCD Board: Glynn

Water Quality Joint Powers Board: Gabrielson and Ankeny