Rotary December students of the month

Published 9:53 am Friday, December 26, 2014

Kendall Hull



Activities/Hobbies: Activities I am involved in include National Honor Society, Youth Leadership, DECA, Austinaires, and Vocal Jazz. I was a member of the Austin Packer Cheer Team and the Drama Club at the high school. I am a member of both the concert choir and the wind ensemble as well as the secretary of each of them.

Thoughts on your educational experience so far: My educational experience so far as been a great one. I can’t believe that in less than six months my educational career in Austin will be finished. These twelve years have flown by. The support the Austin Public Schools system has given me throughout my time here has been great. Teachers have helped shaped me as the person who sits here today. I wouldn’t be the student I am without their constant encouragement to be the best that I am and I thank them for that. I am ready for the next step but I will never forget my time in Austin Public Schools.

Plans for the future: As of this moment, next year I am planning on attending Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. When I visited I knew it was where I would attend for it felt like home. My goal is to become a pharmacist. To do this I plan to major in chemistry or biology, taking the required classes to get into pharmacy school. This is my plan thus far and it is subject to change with whatever path I decide to take.

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Thoughts about your experience with the Rotary Club: My experience with with the Rotary club was an unforgettable one. I will miss being able to talk with the club members over the lunch hour. They gave me insight on what a future in the workforce could look like and the importance of continuing to volunteer in the future. I will also miss listening to the speakers at each meeting. It opened my eyes to just a few of the many things the community of Austin is doing to enrich it and its members. The things that are happening are amazing and I hope to see them continue. One final thing I will miss is the amazing food. It was great to return to school full and enriched to continue my education. Thank you Rotary club for letting me partake in the wonderful things you are doing. I will never forget it!


Bethany Rowbal



Activities/Hobbies: At Austin High School, I play the clarinet in the wind ensemble, sing in choir, and am a member of Choralaires, National Honor Society, D.E.C.A. and Youth Leadership. Although I am new to the school this year, I am trying to become involved in as many new activities as I can to make the most out of my senior year. A few things I enjoy doing in my free time include hanging out with my friends, writing, baking, and doing Pinterest-inspired craft projects.

Awards/Recognitions: At my old school, I was nominated for the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program as well as selected to be this year’s National Honor Society President. I have also receive the AP Scholar award.

Thoughts on your educational experience so far: My family and I moved from Austin to a city outside of Savannah, Georgia, when I was in eighth grade, and we moved back to Austin before this school year started. I’ve been asked if it was difficult to move my senior year, but I have never felt so welcome or at home in my life. Roughly the same size, South Effingham High School and Austin High School are different and similar in many ways, but one thing that is the same is the quality of their education systems. I am extremely lucky to have had some of the most influential teachers, who have also been some of the smartest people I have ever met. The curriculum has challenged me and I feel that everything I have learned so far has prepared me for college and beyond.

Plans for the future: I seem to second guess my plans for the future nearly every day, as there are so many options for schools and majors available to me. As of right now, I hope to attend the Twin Cities campus of the University of Minnesota to major in biology and eventually continue on to the College of Pharmacy.

Thoughts about your experience with the Rotary Club: Going to Rotary Club has been a truly wonderful experience. It was nice to meet so many people that care about our community and have an interest for all the new and exciting things happening around Austin. All the Rotarians I talked to during lunch shared a passion for making Austin a better places to live, and it really inspired me to be more active in the community. Coming to Rotary was something I looked forward to at the beginning of each week, and I wish that every student was able to share this same experience.