Our Opinion: Blame clerks for low gas prices

Published 9:46 am Tuesday, December 30, 2014

When gasoline prices were high, there was a tendency of some customers to complain to the gas station’s hard-working clerks, as if they had any say in global oil production, commodity markets or even their company’s daily price listing.

People mumbled. They moaned. They took cheap shots.

Now that the prices are remarkably low and making headlines, we urge those same customers, the ones who had to express such displeasure, to blame the clerks the next time they fill their tanks.

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It’s your fault that these gas prices are so low!

Why can’t you do something about it?

You guys are just saving me too much money!

We just cannot stand to have good deals like these all winter long!

These prices are just ridiculous! Could I get my arms and legs back from 2011? And my first-born child?

The fact is, when prices shoot up, many times the gas stations aren’t profiting at all. They make their dough on the food and beverages.The best time for gas stations to profit on gas is when it goes low. If they can drag their feet on dropping the price, they can make a little more per gallon — that is, until a competing station goes lower. Some markets tend to drop faster than others. It’s all a little price game.

So do some good today. Be nice to the clerks at the convenience stores. Let them know you appreciate their swift and polite work.