Letter to the Editor: Talent is on display at Austin schools

Published 5:15 pm Saturday, December 20, 2014

In the past few days there has been an explosion of talent bursting forth from our high schools. It’s as if the brick and mortar of their walls could not contain the wonder of what was happening inside them. How is it possible that people of all ages from this small city could produce such excellence? Furthermore, how is it possible that Austin could have snared crackerjack maestroes the likes of Stephen Ramsey, Sonia Larson, Scott Blankenbaker, Margo Bissen, Brian Johnson, Bradley Mariska and Gene Schott to say nothing of the amazing drama coaches? I swear that each of their scenes and/or songs surpassed the one before it. There is no question that these gifted luminaries have transformed regular people into extraordinary performers.

It would not be possible for Austin’s children to now know, or even have an inkling of, the transformative powers of these experiences. Their lives will forevermore be enriched by them.

Austin has a mystical quality to it. It’s as if only the truly gifted are allowed citizenship here. Like all prospective parents must first go through genetic talent screening or that our Chamber of Commerce allows folks residency only after an audition for singing, dancing, acting and playing an instrument.

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And if you truly want to be blown away, make a trip down to the Austin ArtWorks Center. You will be astounded over the quality of the creations there, wonderful items that will set your hearts to pounding. If you’re stuck for a Christmas gift, or you simply want to brighten up your own life, look no further than the old bank building.

I’ve scratched my head over the perplexity of all this local talent. What is that one single ingredient we have that no other place has? Is it the water here? The air? No, it must be something else. Something Austin has in abundance that no other town on the planet has. Yes, that’s it. Spam!

Austin rocks! Austin is Austintacious!

Peggy Keener,