Mapleview council race likely to be recounted

Published 8:01 am Sunday, November 9, 2014

The voter tallies for Mower County are in, but some cities could have a public recount of votes.

County Auditor/Treasurer Doug Groh said the city of Mapleview will likely have a public recount of its city council race.

Michael Langstaff and Kris Finley were elected with 51 and 43 votes respectively, while runner-up Pam Vaughn only had 42 votes.

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A city or township with less than 400 people that has an election decided by 10 or less votes is automatically considered for a public recount funded by local governments, according to Groh. Yet a recount doesn’t take effect until someone formally requests it.

Groh said he expects Vaughn to file for a public recount after election canvassing takes place next week.