Letter: Dome is concerning

Published 9:46 am Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I was very concerned when I saw the article outlining the plan to put a cover on Wescott Field. My major concern is with the funds being proposed for use by the school district.

I was horrified last spring to learn that the position of library aide in the four elementary schools was being eliminated, This effectively closed the libraries. This action followed years of de-emphasizing the libraries and their importance in the schools. I like my Kindle as much as the next person but the value of an actual book to kids shouldn’t be down graded.

Don’t we all remember entering the wonderland of the library in our elementary schools? We never knew what adventure awaited us between the pages of a book. I know that books are available to students in their classrooms but what about the students who read below or above grade level? I don’t think too many students will go into another classroom to look for reading material.

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This doesn’t begin to address the value of a professional librarian in each building to aid students with research projects etc.

I don’t have a problem with the Wescott project if school district funds can be found as well to address more pressing educational needs such as staffing for school libraries.

Peggy Benzkofer,