Council gives $1 bonus to Dankert

Published 10:07 am Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Austin City Council wanted to honor Finance Director Tom Dankert’s efforts in 2014 to keep the city running without a city administrator. They gave Dankert the kind of bonus he thought he deserved: $1.



The council approved the ceremonial gesture during its public meeting Monday to recognize Dankert’s willingness to help manage the city of Austin while city officials searched for a replacement to former city administrator Jim Hurm.

“He’s gone above and beyond and done an exceptional job,” Council Member Jeff Austin, who proposed the bonus, said.

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The council hired Craig Clark last month to become Austin’s newest administrator. Clark starts Dec. 8.

Austin and other council members wanted Dankert to step into the head role himself, but Dankert declined the job offer several times during the year. In addition, Dankert refused any sort of extra bonus for taking on city administrator duties. Dankert joked last month that he would be OK with a $1 bonus if it would make the council happy.

“He’s earned every bit of that $1,” Mayor Tom Stiehm said.

The city will use funds saved by the city admin position to pay Dankert’s bonus.