All Herald Volleyball Team

Published 9:54 pm Monday, November 17, 2014

Jo Bungum, Hayfield. -- Illustration by Eric Johnson

Jo Bungum, Hayfield. — Illustration by Eric Johnson


SETTER — Madison Worke, Blooming Prairie

The four-year starting senior finished the season with 249 kills, 335 set assists, 156 digs, 32 ace serves, 91 assisted blocks and 57 solo blocks. Worke had a .317 kill efficiency and was 92.6 percent on serving. She is BP’s all-time set assist leader with 2,288 set assists.

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SETTER — Maggie Streightiff, Hayfield

The hard hitting freshman had 219 kills to go with 374 set assists, 172 digs, 43 ace serves and 36 blocks for the Vikings.

LIBERO —Nicole Inwards, BP

The senior was a wall in the back row for the Awesome Blossoms as she had an area’s best 538 digs to go with 31 ace serves. Inwards was a 97.3 percent server and she was 91.5 percent on playable serve receives. Inwards has the BP school record with 1,694 career digs and she has the most digs in a match (44), which she set this season against Kenyon-Wanamingo.

Madison Worke, BP

Madison Worke, BP

HITTER — Taylor Hagen, BP

The senior had 291 kills, 176 digs, 64 solo blocks, 127 assisted blocks, and 25 ace serves. Hagen has the BP school record with 1,053 career kills and Hagen’s 127 assisted blocks this season tied her with Ranelle Goette for a BP record.

HITTER — Jo Bungum, Hayfield

The energetic senior was a force in the front row and the back row as she had 200 kills, 396 digs, 24 aces serves and 22 blocks.

HITTER — Sarah Holtz, Lyle-Pacelli

The junior had an area’s best 353 kills to go along with 269 digs, 211 good serve receives, 78 blocks and 31 ace blocks. Holtz was a 93 percent server with 34 aces.


SETTER — Kaila Meyer, Hayfield

The senior had 537 set assists, 163 digs and 34 ace serves.

SETTER — Courtney Walter, Lyle-Pacelli

The junior had 524 set assists, 126 good serve receives, 87 digs and 50 kills. Walter, who has more than 1,000 career set assists, had 53 ace serves.

LIBERO — Bhrett Zahnle, Hayfield

The junior had 337 digs and 29 ace serves.

HITTER — Sam Siskow, LeRoy-Ostrander

The junior racked up 260 kills, 177 digs, 72 blocks and 32 ace serves.

HITTER — Olivia Gray, Southland

The junior had 220 kills, 212 digs, 27 ace serves and 37 ace blocks. Gray had a serve percentage of 89.8, a serve receive percentage of 93.2 and a kill efficiency of 29.5 percent.

HITTER — Carrie Rutledge, Hayfield

The freshman had 144 kills, 274 digs, 23 aces and 22 blocks.


HITTER — Savanna Cordle, Hayfield

The junior had 170 kills and 65 blocks.

HITTER — Alex Hansen, Austin

The senior had 97 kills, 178 digs and 30 blocks for the Packers. She was 86 percent on serving.

LIBERO — Kelsey Sederquest, Austin

The junior had 288 digs, 631 passes to target and 22 kills for the Packers.

HITTER — Madison Truckenmiller, Lyle-Pacelli

The senior had 197 kills, 86 blocks, 39 aces and she was a 91 percent server.

HITTER — Bethany Strouf, Lyle-Pacelli

The sophomore missed the first threes of the season, but she still racked up 304 good serve receives, 118 kills, 167 digs and was a 97 percent server with 22 aces.

SETTER — Rochelle Hovde, LeRoy-Ostrander

The junior had 390 set assists, 44 digs and 22 ace serves.

SETTER — Kaitlyn Kirtz, Southland

The senior had 436 set assists, 130 digs and nine ace serves with a serve percentage of 91.3.