Austin Noon Kiwanis Student of the month: H’milo K’pa

Published 4:51 pm Saturday, October 25, 2014

H’milo K’pa is the Austin Noon Kiwanis student for the month of October. Part of her nomination submission read,

“H’milo has grown into a strong leader, demonstrating exemplary behavior and good decision making. She has matured to be a confident young woman with great goals. She is a role-model to younger students in the Alternate Learning Center and president of the MAAP Stars group.”

Academic Achievements:

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My junior year I was in MAAP (Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs) Stars, and ever since then I started to get into activities and go to fall and spring conferences, and was involved in a lot of fundraisers such as Haunted Hallway in the ALC hall, puppy chow sales, and I hosted the variety show. And this year I am still involved in MAAP Stars and I am going to the fall leadership conference this upcoming month.

 Activities (music, sports, community):

At Austin High School, I am involved in MAAP Stars and I am a student aid for Eliza Kelly. I am the president for the MAAP Stars and I basically help Ms. Kelly organize activities for MAAP Stars. Every Wednesday we go around school and recycle. I love to help out with a lot of volunteering; it helps me learn new things and I get to meet new people. I babysit at the church and I love it because being around kids excites me and just playing with them is so much fun, it kind of reminds me of when I was a child. To top that off, not only do I babysit but I love being in church and meeting new people that go there.

 Potential college plans:

I plan to attend a two-year college to get my generals because I haven’t decided on what I want to do with my life yet. Nursing is on my mind and will always be. While I’m attending the two-year college I hope to also work as a medical assistant while I study. I plan to move to Florida where my older brother is and study nursing there and get my bachelor’s degree and work my way up to master’s degree. I know I can do it if I work my hardest to get there, because my future is important to me and I want to be successful.

 A person who has had a positive impact in your academic or school life:

People that have impacted me the most are Eliza Kelly and Andrea Malo. They both are amazing people that I’ve met in my life. The things that Andrea Malo has said or told me throughout my years in Austin High School helped me learn a lot about myself. Not only that, but they both accept who I am and who I’ve become after how I was struggling my freshman and sophomore year.

 Plans for the future:

I am planning to attend Riverland Community College for my generals and work as a medical assistant to help ready myself for a university, and get my bachelor’s and work my way up to get my master’s degree for nursing.