Gifts ensure HHH’s future

Published 7:01 am Sunday, August 31, 2014

It’s membership time at the Hormel Historic Home again. Thank you to all who have supported the HHH in the past with a membership gift. Your generosity ensures that the HHH can continue functioning efficiently as an organization serving the community. By becoming a member you are showing your appreciation for a part of Austin’s history that helped to shape and secure our future.

People become a club member because they have a shared interest with others and want to pursue those interests or support a cause about which they care. Adding your name to a membership roster binds you to a group that values the same things you do. George Hormel was a member of the Toboggan Club in Austin in 1891. He joined the Royal Arch Masons in 1892. He was also a charter member of the Bachelor’s Club for a bit. Upon his marriage the following poem appeared in the Austin Daily Herald dated Feb. 27, 1892.

“The Bachelor’s Lament

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We shall meet, but tears will trickle

Slowly down each manly cheek,

As we strive to cheer each other

With the words we cannot speak.

We shall meet and smoke, as ever,

But our George will not be there;

He has put on Hymen’s fetters

And a husband’s weight of care.

Yes, dear boy, we’ll sadly miss you,

When the evening shade appear,

But we’ll try to live without you,

Though it seems a little queer.

And if ever we should venture

On the matrimonial sea,

May the winds and waves of fortune

Smile on us as now on thee.”

Lillian Hormel was a member of the Art and Travel Club, the Embroidery Club, and a Birthday Club. From these associations Mrs. Hormel formed life-long social bonds and shared a common interest in learning.

Those who become a member of the Hormel Historic Home care about our history and about our mission.

“The Hormel Historic Home strives to preserve the home and values of the George A. and Lillian Hormel family and to continue their legacy of hospitality, education, music appreciation and community service.”

In other words our members believe that what the Hormels created in Austin has had a lasting effect and that current and future generations can benefit from remembering that.

Because we value our members, we offer a token of our appreciation. Benefits of membership include discounts on rental rates, exclusive member events and discounts, and free admittance into the Historic Home plus other perks.

September is membership month. Anyone who joins or renews a membership is invited to stop in for free coffee and cookies Monday through Friday from 10-4:30.

 Social Concerns presented by Sara Gilberg of the On Track Lab

Sept. 16, 2014

As the Work Based Learning Coordinator for the Austin Public Schools, Sara’s directs the exploration and assessment lab, which functions as a simulated job experience for youth with special needs. She will describe the curriculum and objectives of the program. Come learn how these young people are being prepared for their futures.

Free program. Please call to let us know you are coming. 507-433-4243