Carrying on the artistic conversation

Published 2:45 pm Sunday, August 24, 2014

One of the painting classes that was held at the ArtWorks Center. Photo provided

One of the painting classes that was held at the ArtWorks Center. Photo provided

By Grace Heimsness

Austin ArtWorks Education and Marketing Coordinator

Back in May, I promised as your intern I would try to make art a conversation. As this year’s ArtWorks Festival draws to a close, I have one more promise for you: this conversation won’t stop.

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While the flags will come down and the stages will disappear until next year, our new ArtWorks Center isn’t going anywhere. And as the AACA’s education coordinator, neither am I. Henceforth, this column will bring you the latest news on our classes, workshops, and other opportunities to get involved with your new arts hub. So without further ado, here is the first crop of fall classes:

Krystal Lennie will be continuing her Uncork & Create acrylic painting series, which is a great chance to get artsy for those who aren’t sure where to start. While Lennie encourages artists to take license with their paintbrushes, students will have a model to follow from start to finish. Lennie will also get the kiddos involved with Mini Masterpieces and Family Paint classes throughout the fall.

Our Clay Cavern will be in high gear this fall, with an Adult Beginners’ Claywork class starting in September along with Beginners’ Wood Carving and Introduction to Carving workshops. Wheel throwing classes are also coming soon.

Our comfy lounge will be put to use as well, playing host to knitting classes and writing workshops.

No matter your preferred medium, please take a moment to stop by, say hello, and continue the conversation. We’ve just celebrated artwork in a big way — thanks in large part to you folks — and we’ve seen how artists make art work. Now it’s our turn to make it work. Not just for a weekend, but for good.