Hayfield boys and BP girls win Subsection 1A golf meet

Published 9:42 pm Monday, May 19, 2014

The Hayfield boys and the Blooming Prairie girls took first at the Subsection 1A golf meet in Rochester Monday.

In the boys meet, Hayfield tallied a 381 and advances to the Section 1A meet, BP scored a 385 and also advances to the Section 1A meet, GMLO was third with a 387, Lyle-Pacelli was fourth with a 398 and Southland was fifth with a 407.

BP’s Victor Peterson led the field with an 80.

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BP’s girls scored a 429 to win the girls meet.

LP will advance Thomas Marx, Brady Lester, Ben Aho and Maggie Leif to the Section 1A meet. Southland will advance Brandon Bergene, who was second overall with an 84, Tyler Westrich and Thomas Bottema to the Section 1A meet.

GMLO will advance Tyler Sloan, Mark Cotton, Dylan Jech, Trenton Arndorfer and Kaitlin Kling to the Section 1A meet.

Hayfield’s Samantha Dahlen qualified for the Section 1A meet, which will take place May 27 in Rochester.


LP: Thomas Marx, 92; Brady Lester, 94; Ben Aho, 105; Ted King, 107; Collin Goldberg, 116; Mason Holtorf, 142

Southland: Brandon Bergene, 84; Tyler Westrich, 95; Thomas Bottema, 101; Chase Gillson, 127

BP: Victor Peterson, 80; Tommy Braaten, 91; Jake Ressler, 95; Tommy Wanous, 119

Hayfield: Brady Becker, 85; Sam Olive, 92; Jacob Dahlen, 93; Andy Pike, 111; Alex Schlichting, 116

GMLO: Tyler Sloan, 90; Mark Cotton, 96; Trenton Arndorfer, 99; Dylan Jech, 102; Josh Williams, 109; Max Jech, 118


LP: Maggie Leif, 111

BP: Anna Noble, 96; Taylor Christianson, 99; Alexa Rudlong, 117; Sydney Basness, 117; Cassy Witt, 143

Hayfield: Samantha Dahlen, 113

GMLO: Kaitlin Kling, 93