Firefighters to flush hydrants in SE Austin

Published 5:41 pm Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Austin Fire Department will conduct fire hydrant flushing over the next few weeks.

Firefighters typically flush area hydrants every April, May and June in one quadrant of the city. This year, firefighters will flush hydrants in the southeast quadrant to remove minerals and sediment.

During flushing, residents may see hydrants with water coming out of the side opening, and on occasion may have water inside homes that have an orange or rusty appearance. The water is safe to drink and use, as discoloration is caused by the iron sediment in the water main being disturbed by flushing. If that occurs, residents are advised to run cold water for several minutes to clear the lines and flush toilets once or twice.

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If residents have questions about the fire hydrant flushing, call the fire department at 507-433-3405.