112 cars on hand for Deer Creek Speedway opener

Published 4:43 am Tuesday, May 6, 2014

By Bill Nelson

For the HeraldĀ 

After a long, cold winter, and a week of rain that dumped 3 inches on the speedway Deer Creek finally held their opener on Saturday night. The new racing surface that was applied last fall was in very good shape for the amount of moisture received during the week.

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The first feature of the night saw the Six Two Graphics WISSOTA Street Stocks pull onto the speedway with twenty cars on hand to do battle. Tim Johnson made the long pull down from Brainerd to show the field the way around the track. Nick Schwebach held onto second early on while Mike Blowers sat in third. Noah Grinstead looked strong early on pressuring Blowers for the third spot while Jim Gullikson sat in fifth. With five down Gullikson moved past Grinstead for the fourth spot. On lap seven Gullikson moved past Blowers for the third spot. The race continued to string out without a caution and on lap 15 Gullikson moved past Schwebach for the second spot. Johnson was over a full straight away ahead of the second place battle by this time. Johnson cruised home with the win, Gullikson, Schwebach, Blowers and Kory Adams rounded out the top five. Danny Hanson, Kory Adams and Mike Blowers took home heat race wins.

Next up the Dirt Doctor Trucking WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds took to the track with Ashley Mehrwerth jumping into the early lead. Dan Wheeler, Chad Fouquette, Jared Boumeester, Tony Schill and Dustin Scott were in a tight battle for the third spot as Jason Vandekamp pulled up to make it a six-car battle. With three down Wheeler started to pressure Mehrwerth for the lead. Wheeler took the lead on lap and the first caution of the event flew on lap six. On the restart Wheeler leads with Schill taking over the second spot. Dustin Scott could now be found in third with Boumeester and Vandekamp racing for fourth. Jacob Bleess sat behind the battle as another caution flew. On the restart Wheeler jumped out front with Scott following into second. Bleess and Vandekamp now swapped spots in the corners as they raced for fourth behind Schill. Vandekamp eventually held onto the fourth spot and with sixteen completed moved under Schill to take over the third spot as they raced to the finish. At the line it was Wheeler with the win, Scott, Vandekamp, Schill and Bleess rounding out the top five. A great field of 30 cars was on hand in the division with Cory Crapser taking home the B-Feature while Bleess, Schill, Scott and Boumeester took home the heat race wins.

Racing resumes next Saturday night at 5:00


Dirt Doctor Trucking WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature: Dan Wheeler, Dustin Scott, Jason Vandekamp, Tony Schill, Jacob Bleess, Greg Pfeifer JR., Jared Boumeester, Mitch Weiss, Tim Myhre, Mike Mehling, Jayme Hiller, Ashley Mehrwerth, Ryan Wetzstein, Kevin Schmidt, Patrick McCarthy Jr., Ryan Goergen, Casey Trom, Andrew Bleess, Elizabeth Toepper, James Patzner, Jason Born, Cory Crapser, Josh Crary, Chad Fouquette

B-Feature: Crapser, E. Toepper, Born, McCarthy Jr., Jacob Toepper, Ron Jablonske, Don Schaefer, Garitt Wytaske, Bonnie Jablonske, Brandon Mehrwerth

Heat 1: J. Bleess, Myhre, Schmidt, Hiller, Weiss, B. Mehrwerth, J. Toepper, Crapser

Heat 2: Schill, Wheeler, Crary, Goergen, Trom, E. Toepper, R. Jablonske, Wytaske

Heat 3: Scott, Fouquette, Vandekamp, Pfeifer JR., Mehling, McCarthy Jr., B. Jablonske

Heat 4: Boumeester, A. Mehrwerth, Wetzstein, A. Bleess, Patzner, Schaefer, Born


Six Two Graphics WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature: Tim Johnson, Jim Gullikson, Nick Schwebach, Mike Blowers, Kory Adams, Noah Grinstead, Justin Vogel, Jason Barber, Fred Prudoehl, Kurt Becken, Danny Hanson, Bernie Adams, Kyle King, Dylan Nelson, Brent Holland, Lee Hager, Zack Elward, Troy Voth, Bobby Kilby, shaun Mann, Karl Hewitt Jr.

Heat 1: Hanson, Johnson, Grinstead, Prudoehl, Kilby, Hager, Hewitt Jr.

Heat 2: K. Adams, Schwebach, Gullikson, Voth, Vogel, B. Adams, King

Heat 3: Blowers, Barber, Becken, Nelson, Holland, Elward, Mann


Elma Performance and Fabricating USRA B-Mods

Feature: Cole Queensland, Erik Kanz, Cory Crapser, Alex Williamson, Matt Jones, Brandon Hare, Jacob Bleess, Brian Mahlstedt, Kylie Kath, Casey Knutson, Shaun Walski, Blake Arndt, Scott Demmer, Kadden Kath, Trevor Fecht, Dan Hovden, Todd Schaufenbul, Jeremy Schaufenbul, Tucker Breitung, Mike Jaeger, David Pitz, Taylor Ausrud, Derek Clement, Ryan Konkel

B-Feature: Hovden Clement, T. Schaufenbul, Pitz, Mike Chisholm, Alex Schubbe, Nick Wagner, Charlie Steinberg, Brett Bumgardner, Jackson Hale, Morgan Schrage

Heat 1: Hare, Kanz, Ka. Kath, Konkel, Jaeger, Schubbe, Wagner, Clement

Heat 2: Crapser, jones, Williamson, Mahlstadt, Breitung, Hovden, T. Schaufenbul, Schrage

Heat 3: Queensland, Ky. Kath, Knutson, Walski, Ausrud, Bumgardner, Hale, Chisholm

Heat 4: Bleess, Fecht, Demmer, J. Schaufenbul, Arndt, Pitz, Steinberg


Wagner Trucking WISSOTA Super Stocks

Feature: Jeff Brauer, Tom Johnson, Dan Gullikson, Dave Solum, Gary Wiersgalla, Kevin Hager, Matt Olson, Harlan Morehart, Mike Fitzpatrick, AJ Hoff

Heat 1: Wiersgalla, Olson, Fitzpatrick, Morehart, Hoff

Heat 2: Johnson, Brauer, Gullikson, Hager, Solum


NAPA AutoCare USRA Modifieds

Feature: Brandon Davis, Jason Cummins, Brad Waits, Josh Angst, Lance Hofer, Keith Foss, Lucas Schott, Dustin Scott, Jason Schlangen, Darwyn Karau, Craig Shaw, Mark Motl, Dwaine Hanson, Alan Wagner, Jeremy Houle, Greg Jensen, Joel Alberts, Jake Timm, Steve Wetzstein, Nate Wasmund, Doug Hillson, Chris Loberg, Joe Horgdal

Heat 1: Angst, Scott, Alberts, Wetzstein, Wagner, Motl, Jensen, Horgdal

Heat 2: Cummins, Foss, Shaw, Hillson, Timm, Karau, Loberg, Wasmund

Heat 3: Davis, Waits, Hofer, Schott, Schlangen, Hanson, Houle