Rain, rain, here to stay

Published 10:39 am Monday, April 28, 2014

Despite precipitation, flooding not expected

Austin and Mower County are in for a little rain this week.

The National Weather Service is forecasting bands of rain storms to roll through the region throughout the week and into the weekend, bringing consistent rainfall to the area. Yet NWS meteorologists don’t believe the Mower County area is in any danger of flooding.

“There probably will be some rising waters, but nothing that’s going to get out of hand right now,” said Tom Stangeland, NWS hydrometeorological technician.

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Stangeland said Mower County will get consistent rain storms, which could produce about 1 inch of total rainfall by mid-week.

Monday’s high of 49 degrees will give way to a low of 39 overnight into Tuesday, with temperatures staying in the mid to upper 40s during the day for the rest of the week. Rain showers are likely Monday night, with a possible thunderstorm along the way, followed by more rain Tuesday. There’s a chance of showers in Austin’s forecast every day through Sunday.

Though the rain likely won’t cause flooding, it will help the area’s soil.

Mower County, along with much of southeastern Minnesota, has been affected by drought conditions over the past few years. The area is not under a drought currently, but Stangeland said the consistent, short amounts of rainfall would mostly be absorbed into the soil rather than turn into runoff.