Dog killed, owner hurt in pit bull attack

Published 10:39 am Tuesday, April 22, 2014

MINNEAPOLIS — Police are looking for the owner of a pit bull that attacked and killed a smaller dog and injured a man in a Minneapolis park.

Steve Roesch and his wife, Julene Lind, were walking their three dogs in Kingfield Park Sunday when a pit bull broke loose from its owner headed for the couple and their dogs. Lind scooped up two of their dogs while Roesch tried to pick up Ziggy, their 9-pound toy spaniel.

Roesch says the pit bull jumped up and grabbed Ziggy. He says they tried hitting and kicking the dog, but it wouldn’t let go. The dog finally released its grip when Ziggy went limp. The small dog died and Roesch suffered a bite to his arm.

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Police are patrolling the area, looking for the pit bull and owner.