Legislature in rush to clear tax cuts, repeals

Published 10:24 am Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bill would also line up state and federal codes more closely

ST. PAUL — Barely a week into the legislative session, a $500 million package of tax cuts and repeals is being put to a vote in the Minnesota House.

The Legislature is racing to undo some business sales taxes adopted last year, including one on warehousing services that will kick in April 1.

The bill up for consideration Thursday also lines up Minnesota’s tax code more closely with the federal one, making some exemptions and deductions available to state filers.

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When fully implemented, hundreds of thousands of income tax filers would face lower tax burdens.

But the plan is no sure thing because leaders of the Democratic-led Senate haven’t decided if they will embrace the House bill.

Gov. Mark Dayton is urging swift action on something along the lines of the House bill.