Letter: Salvation Army kettles a worthy cause

Published 9:25 am Thursday, December 12, 2013

Letter to the Editor

As an Austin Salvation Army bell ringer, I get to see many of the best traits that the residents of Austin have to offer.

On cold days, rainy days, windy days and snow days, many, many people take the time to generously drop change or currency into the kettle. As they donate to the kettles there are smiles, season’s greetings, thank yous and a shared sense of good feeling. Nearly every day a caring person will bring me a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and simply say “thanks for ringing.” Each day brings new people, new smiles and conversation. As I stand at my bell ringing post the same thought always comes to mind: “Being a bell ringer is a unique opportunity to see the good things that the people of Austin have to offer.” Best of all as I finish my bell ringing shift and get into my car I always have a feeling that something good has been accomplished.

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Bob Stratton,