5,000 sing Zach Sobiech’s ‘Clouds’ in his memory at MOA

Published 10:20 am Friday, December 6, 2013

Somewhere, up in the clouds, Zach Sobiech was smiling on Thursday night.

As a choir of about 5,000 singers wearing matching sky-blue T-shirts sang Sobiech’s hit song “Clouds,” his girlfriend, Amy Adamle, looked around the rotunda of Mall of America in Bloomington.

“I know he’s smiling right now, just like all of us are,” said Adamle, a freshman at the University of Minnesota.

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“He would be overwhelmed, knowing that it’s making a difference. Hearing his song in Surround Sound, being on the ground floor and looking up at everyone, was very cool.”

As the choir sang in four-part harmony, cascades of blue and white streamers floated down from the fourth floor. “And we’ll go up, up, up, but I’ll fly a little higher,” the choir sang.

Zach’s mother, Laura Sobiech of Lakeland, wiped tears from her eyes.

“It was incredibly moving, and it was such a fitting tribute to Zach and his song and his legacy,” she said.