Our Opinion: Local examples of sports the right way

Published 4:29 pm Saturday, November 16, 2013

Daily Herald Opinion

On Wednesday, Austin basketball stand-out Zach Wessels signed a national letter of intent to play basketball at the University of Sioux Falls. On Friday the Grand Meadow Superlarks earned their second straight trip to the Prep Bowl with a 21-7 win over Kittson County Central.

Both Wessels and the Superlarks are great examples of the student-athletes in southeastern Minnesota who display not only traits of athleticism, but traits of sportsmanship, determination and drive that make the real stand-out athletes admirable.

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They demonstrate the right way to approach athletic competition.

As the fall sports season draws to a close and the winter season gets its start, it seems like a fine time to remind athletes, parents, coaches and fans that while winning is the ultimate goal, there is a right way to do it.

Teaching and guiding athletes is paramount as these kids represent their community and school on and off the field of play. Coaches, through their actions and conduct, have the opportunity to shape athletes through both the good and bad times and turn them into the adults we all hope they will become.

There will be times of anger and frustration, but in the end these students are kids, and the games they compete in are simply that — games. They should be fun.