Local Hy-Vee employees reach milestone

Published 1:47 pm Saturday, November 2, 2013

Employees from the Austin Hy-Vee store are among more than 2,400 Hy-Vee employees honored for achieving new service milestones in 2013.

Hy-Vee’s Service Award program recognizes employees for continuous service of five to 45 years.

In addition, this year Hy-Vee will honor more than 2,000 employees with 20 years or more of continuous service, as well as 10 employees who were recently inducted into the Hy-Vee Hall of Fame as recipients of the 2013 Legendary Customer Service Award.

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Employees celebrating service anniversaries receive customized gifts, and their photos are published in a souvenir book distributed throughout the company.

Recipients also receive personal congratulations from Hy-Vee Chairman and CEO Randy Edeker, who poses for a commemorative photo with each Service Award recipient.

“Honoring our employee-owners for their service to the company is one of the most important things we do at Hy-Vee,” Edeker said. “These men and women are the ones who bring the ‘helpful smile in every aisle’ to life in our stores.”

The 30 recipients from Austin were honored at a banquet held Oct. 7 in Rochester. Those reaching service milestones this year were:

Five years: Dennis Bulger, Jackie Coyle, Travis Coyle, Casey Crumb, Mike Haynes, Lynda Rosenthal Majerus, Bailey Kana, Eric Stegemann and Melissa Wengler.

10 years: Dave Glosser.

15 years: Missy Brown and Kathy Knutson.

23 years: Shelly Anderson.

24 years: Scott Diser, Shirley Nelsen and Tracy Wytaske.

25 years: Todd Hepler.

27 years: Bob Weisert.

28 years: Barry Handahl, Don Madison and April Morgan.

29 years: Ranae Hall.

31 years: Cindy Hingeveld.

33 years: Debbie Durben.

34 years: Chuck Teigen.

35 years: Rod Bailey and Jerry Vandeweerd.

37 years: Ed Arons.

38 years: Mark Kanne.

41 years: Howie Zimmer.