Ex-Gov. Jesse Ventura’s new cause: Government shutdown petition

Published 10:53 am Monday, October 7, 2013

ST. PAUL — Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura has compared the federal government shutdown to an act of terrorism and he’s pushing a petition for people to voice their displeasure.

Ventura’s online petition had hundreds of signatures as of Monday morning. It calls on leaders in Washington to end the nearly weeklong partial government shutdown that has idled workers and disrupted services.

The former independent governor, who left office in 2003, says he thinks it’s wrong that the government was shut down over a bid to block President Barack Obama’s health care law. He says the move was akin to terrorism. In his petition, Ventura offers support for the health law.

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He also says that the Internal Revenue Service should pro-rate taxes for every day the government is partially closed.