Jensen wins modifieds, Jeff Born gets first career win

Published 11:30 am Tuesday, September 3, 2013

By Todd Narveson
For the Herald

The Casey’s General Store USMTS Modifieds invaded the Chateau Raceway for Round 15 of the Hunt. Also on the program, sponsored by Yeager Machine and Y-Waste Removal, were the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, Street Stocks and Pure Stocks.

It was the final night of track points for the support divisions and there were two titles still up for grabs. When all was said and done there is no way you could have written a script with more drama and excitement that the Pure Stocks and Midwest Modifieds came up with.

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The features kicked off with the Misgen Auto Parts Pure Stocks 15-lap race. As they entered the final race, Matt Brooks held a five-point advantage after a tussle in the heat race with Cole Lonergan who was second. Stacy Krohnberg took the lead with Jason Newkirk, Brooks and Lonergan was up to fourth after he started at the tail.

Adam Godeke spun to set off the yellow early in the race. Then on the restart Lonergan tagged Brooks and sent him around for another caution. Lonergan was sent to the back on the restart. Krohnberg got a bit loose and Newkirk flashed by for the lead on lap six.

Brooks moved to second on lap 10 while Lonergan drover back to the top five. Lonergan slipped past Krohnberg for third on lap 10 and then got by Brooks for second. Newkirk went on for his second win of the season with Lonergan second and Brooks third. Krohnberg wound up fourth and Keith Weber was fifth. Brooks won the point championship by four pointsover Lonergan.

The L&D Ag USRA B-Mod feature started with a bang when Ryan Stebbins pounded the turn three wall and climbed on top of it before coming to rest in turn four. Scott Demmer led early but wiggled just a touch and allowed Cory Crapser and Josh Mattick to flash past.

Crapser would lead the rest of the way for his eighth USRA win this season. Jerry Young made a late race pass of Mattick for second, while Demmer finished in fourth and Aaron Benson rounded out the top five.

Kyle King led the Albert Lea Steel WISSOTA Street Stocks while Mike Blowers, Kory Adams and Jason Barber battled for second. They went three-wide on lap three and Blowers got to second. Blowers made quick work of King and nabbed the led on lap six as Adams moved to second.

Blowers would score win No. 10 at the track and his 14th overall this year. Add to that his second track title in a row and second title this season. Adams would finish second with Noah Grinstead, Nathan Schumacher and Barber in the top five.

The Farm Boy BBQ WISSOTA Midwest Modified has the tightest point battle. After the heat races, Jason Born held a two point lead over Greg Pfeifer Jr. and a four point advantage over Robbie Franklin. The drama in this one was intense as only one of the three contenders was left on the tack at the end of 15-laps.

Jesse Hernandez led until lap three, when Jeff Born shot past and brought Bryan Hernandez to second. The caution came out on lap four as Bryan Hernandez hit the infield cones and was sent to the back. Jason Born vaulted to second on the restart while Greg Pfeifer Jr. was up to fourth. A three-car tangle on lap six slowed the field and tightened the race up again.

Jeff Born led but Jason Born slid up the track and Pfeifer Jr. took second away. Jesse Hernandez got into Pfeifer Jr. and sent him around on lap eight. Tim Myhre had no place to go and blasted Pfeifer Jr. That ended Pfeifer’s night and his shot at a third consecutive title.

Things really got wild as Franklin looped his car and he went to the back on the restart on lap 10. That turned out to be the fifth caution flag and five laps were cut off. The race was far from over as Jeff Born led his brother Jason into turn one on the green, white, checkered finish. Jeff got off the gas just a touch going into turn two and Jason was on the gas and they made contact. The yellow came out and Jason went to the pits, and then came back out but pulled into the infield with a broken tie-rod.

Yet another caution ensued on the next restart and that set up a third shot at the two-lap dash to the finish. Jeff Born held off a last ditch charge from Jayme Hiller to win his first career feature. Shawn Carlson finished third, Bryan Hernandez was fourth and Franklin finished fifth.

Jason Born was credited with a 10th place finish, which gave him five less points than Franklin. Franklin would win his first track championship by a mere one point in one of the most dramatic point title battles in the history of the speedway.

Joey Jensen took the lead from Stormy Scott with four laps to go and raced to his first USMTS win of the season. Mike Sorensen beat Jensen into turn one at the start of the 40-lap feature and led the first nine laps until Jensen got by on lap six. Jensen stayed out front for the next six laps before Scott took the lead.

Scott built a six-car-length advantage over the field until he saw his lead evaporate when the caution waved on lap 22. A wild restart saw Ryan Gustin towards the front while Todd Scharkey and Rodney Sanders made contact which caused Sanders to spin and that brought out the yellow flag.

Scharkey stole third from Sorensen on lap 28 while Scott and Jensen raced hard for the lead. The laps wound down Jensen began to narrow the gap and regained the lead on lap 37. Before the pack could find the finish line, a multi-car incident occurred on the white flag lap, which resulted in Jason Hughes suffering a flat tire.

Jensen, Scott and Sorensen waged a three-car battle during the green-white-checkered finish with Jensen beating Scott to the flagstand by a car length and Sorensen narrowly taking third. Scharkey raced from 16th to fourth and Gustin came from 13th to fifth.

Chateau Raceway results

WISSOTA Midwest Modified

Feature—Jeff Born, Jayme Hiller, Shawn Carlson, Bryan Hernandez, Robbie Franklim, Don Schaefer, Jesse Hernandez, Luke Hainka, Joe Burroughs, Jason Born, Greg Pfeifer Jr., Tim Myhre, Tyler Peterson, Miranda Carlson, Tanner Byholm, Darryl Hainka

First Heat—Jason Born, Pfeifer Jr., J. Hernandez, Franklin, Myhre, Hiller, M. Carlson, Burroughs

Second Heat—B. Hernandez, Jeff Born, S. Carlson, Peterson, L. Hainka, Schaefer, Byholm, D. Hainka

WISSOTA Street Stock

Feature—Mike Blowers, Kory Adams, Noah Grinstead, Nathan Schumacher, Jason Barber, Kyle King, Brent Holland, Nick Roemhildt, Zach Elward, Jason VanWilgen

First Heat—Adams, King, VanWilgen, Elward, Holland

Second Heat—Blowers, Schumacher, Barber, Grinstead, Roemhildt


Feature—Cory Crapser, Jerry Young, Josh Mattick, Scott Demmer, Aaron Benson, Dustin Sorensen, Aaron Krohn, A.J. Zvorak, Mark Wytaske, Alex Schubbe, Jesse Baer, John Warrington, Kenny Boge Jr., Terry Kohnert, Micheal Wytaske, Mason Daughters, Rick Utley, Ryan Stebbins, David Henderson

First Heat—Demmer, Sorensen, Boge Jr., Schubbe, Mark Wytaske, Zvorak, Baer

Second Heat—Mattick, Young, Stebbins, Krohn, Michael Wytaske, Kohnert

Third Heat—Crapser, Bensen, Daughters, Utley, Warrington, Henderson

Pure Stock

Feature—Jason Newkirk, Cole Lonergan, Matt Brooks, Stacy Krohnberg, Keith Weber, Brady Krohnberg, Anna Brouwers, Adam Godeke, Jeremy Wenzel, Greg Lammers

First Heat—Brooks, Newkirk, S. Krohnberg, Weber, Lonergan

Second Heat—B. Krohnberg, Godeke, Brouwers, Lammers, Wenzel

USMTS Modifieds

Feature—Joey Jensen, Stormy Scott, Mike Sorensen, Todd Scharkey, Ryan Gustin, Lucas Schott, Dereck Ramirez, Jeremy Payne, Tommy Myer, Zack Vanderbeek, Johnny Scott, Kelly Shryock, Rodney Sanders, Doug Hillson, Joe Horgdal, Mason Big Eagle, Joel Alberts, Trevor Hunt, Jason Hughes, Jeff Conner, Steve Whiteaker Jr., Pat Graham, Corey Dripps, Jason Krohn

First B-Main—Gustin, Payne, Horgdal, Graham, Hillson, Darwyn Karau, Daniel Hilsabeck, Jacob Dahle, Greg Jensen, Martin Bennett, Scott Gronvold

Second B-Main—Vanderbeek, Scharkey, Whiteaker Jr., Alberts, J. Scott, Bill Byholm, Ron VerBeek, Big Eagle, Conner, Craig Shaw

First Heat—Jensen, Sanders, Hughes, Payne, Whiteaker Jr., Scharkey, Dahle, Hillson, Jensen

Second Heat—Shryock, Sorensen, Myer, Dripps, Graham, Bennett, Verbeek, J. Scott

Third Heat—Schott, Hunt, Krohn, Vanderbeek, Horgdal, Conner, Karau, Gronvold

Fourth Heat—Ramirez, S. Scott, Gustin, Alberts, Byholm, Hilsabeck, Big Eagle, Shaw