Gray: Times are changing

Published 11:25 am Wednesday, September 4, 2013

This last week in August sure has been busy one. I have always said the month of August is more expensive than Christmas. I had to make sure we have everything ready for school, make sure that there was money in the lunch account, school fees were paid, school supplies and new school clothes were all bought.

We went to conferences at Ellis Middle School and got to meet Trinity’s teacher. This year is her last year at Ellis. Many things had been moved around with district changes this year and only having the seventh- and eighth-graders there. We walked around and found her locker and all of her classes for the New Year.

Then we went to the new school I.J. Holton where my sixth-grader Destiny will be attending.

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What a cool school. Fifth-graders are on the first floor and the sixth-graders are upstairs. Each of the sixth grade classes are grouped into pods with other teachers.

The furniture in the classroom is very kid-friendly with tables and chairs instead of desks.

Outside in the pod area is space with beanbag chairs for easy reading or studying.

During the day the students can fill their water bottles at these new water fountain stations. They will keep track of the amount of plastic the students will save during the year by refilling their water bottles.

The lunchroom is wide open and the kids get a variety of choices for lunch.

The new woodworking class was one of Destiny’s favorite stops during our tour.

The lockers were the perfect size for students to fit their items. The music rooms were large and had new instruments for the children. The science rooms were all connected with large garage doors. With all of the technology that this school has to offer it was fun to see it all put together.

Looks like it will be an exciting new year with all of the changes that are happening at our schools.