Letter: Help keep waterfowl at Skinner’s Hill

Published 11:08 am Friday, August 23, 2013

Skinner’s Hill and the lagoon are located on the south end of Fourth Street Southwest. In the winter the sound of big and little kids can be heard as they slide down Skinners Hill and ice skate on the frozen lagoon.

In the summer, one can hear the quacks of many ducks, domestic and wild. One may also hear the honks of wild geese and one white domestic goose. The white domestic goose has been frequenting the area for at least seven years. The ducks and geese have had additions to their families and are used to being fed by residential handouts.

Many residents and out of town visitors have marveled at the city of Austin’s picturesque duck and goose display and feel Austin must be a great place to live.

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Over the years many functions have been held in the immediate area. One must watch where they walk on account of duck and goose droppings. This doesn’t seem to have been a problem for the programs as they have continued throughout the years.

However, it seems that the city of Austin will lose the duck and goose display. The Austin Park and Recreation people have placed a sign at the entrance to the Lagoon that reads “Please, do not feed the ducks and geese.” I don’t know who pressured them to close this attraction after being open for many years.

Duane Patten,